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Healthy Eating

I told you that food would be popping up in posts, and this first is well worth it. We went to the famous Cabbages & Condoms for dinner, and it was fantastic!

Used to assist the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) in Thailand, Cabbages & Condoms promotes the benefits of using a condom to protect against disease, more specifically HIV/AIDS.The restaurant, gift shop, and bar offers all sorts of fun safe-sex oriented items from…

Condom Lampshades

to condoms at the end of dinner (note the political parties below – which one do you think is bigger?)

to a Safer Sex Wheel, wonderfully displayed by my Vanna Whites-in-training

to some quite stylish Condom Outfits – do you have your summer wardrobe picked out?

Needless to say, the food was divine and the atmosphere was marvelous. I highly recommend Cabbages & Condoms should you ever find yourself in Bangkok. There’s something for everyone – food, home design, fashion, games. And remember – their food is “guaranteed not to cause pregnancy!”