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Hello World!

Welcome to Destination: Style! A blog dedicated to my two favorite things: Fashion and Travel. In the upcoming posts, you’ll probably see the different fashion trends and styles I see in my travels. Food will also most likely pop up – I find the whole thing fascinating, except actually cooking it. I’m more of a gastronome than a culinarion.

My first venture is to the Far East! I’ll be hitting up Southeast Asia pretty soon. I leave in about 15 1/2 hours! I can’t believe I’m about to leave for Asia! I never thought this trip would actually happen. I can’t wait to see what the culture is like, how the youth dresses compared to the older generations.  Luckily I’ve managed to pack everything into a backpack and purse – yay no checked bags!

Soon I’ll be landing in Bangkok, Thailand, my first stop – but not before a short layover in Tokyo! Who knows what kind of crazy fashion I’ll see! Rest assured, my camera will be ready. 🙂